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Axle - Trans - Pedals

Axles - D30 front, D44 rear / Trans - SM465 / Pedals - Swinging setup

This was done Winter 06 - 07

I am swapping the Axles, Tranny, Hydraulic Clutch, and Swinging Pedals.  My goal is to get this done this spring.  Main reason is to get time to run it when the middle boy comes home on leave before shipping to Iraq.

  • Specs:
    • Front Axle - Dana 30, 4.88s, Disc Brakes, OX Lockers - going to do a tie rod flip as well.

    • Rear Axle - Dana 44, 4.88s, 11" Brakes, OX Lockers, Warn Full Floater Kit.

    • Tranny - SM465 to a D18 with a Warn OD.  Hydrolic Clutch is a NOVAK setup that took some modifications.  That may be due to using an AA Bell Housing.

    • Swinging Pedals - AA Assembly bought used.

Axle pics

D44 w OX Locker P07 005.jpgAxles for Swap P07 004.jpgAxles for Swap P07 006.jpgD30 OX Installed 0207 005.jpgAxle Parts 0207 001.jpg

Tranny Work

BH Clear For Slave 18 001.jpgBH Set for Slave2 18 005.jpgDTrain1 18 010.jpgNovak Stk Bell 0207 011.jpgSM465 Cradel 004.jpgAA BellHousing 0207 003.jpgCradel Mounts 006.jpgSM465 P07 002.jpgSM465 Installed 001.jpgFront Engine Post Move 002.jpgSM465 Cradel 003.jpgNovak Hyd AA Bell 0207 010.jpgReady to Assemble 0207 014.jpgSlave Set2 18 009.jpgDrilled Open Bottom SM465 0207 006.jpgMain Work Done 0705.jpgT90 Pulled P07 003.jpgSlave Set1 18 008.jpgTcase Clear for 465 18 003.jpg465 Clear for Tcase 18 002.jpgNovak Stk Bell 0207 012.jpgNovak Hyd AA Bell 0207 008.jpgDtrain2 18 011.jpgDrilled Open Bottom SM465 0207 007.jpgBH Set for Slave1 18 004.jpgHydro Clutch Parts 0207 002.jpg

Pedal Work

Swinging Pedals_0113.jpgSwinging Pedals_0121.jpgSwinging Pedals 002.jpgSwinging Pedals_0117.jpgSwinging Pedals 005.jpgSwinging Pedals 003.jpgSwinging Pedals_0114.jpgSwinging Pedals 004.jpgSwinging Pedals 001.jpgSwinging Pedals_0120.jpg