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Blue 49 Build Items

I'll track the 'build' of my Blue '49 here.  This was put together quick and so I've got some things I want to change out while I redo it.


'49 CJ3A body on a '62 frame

225 V6 - HEI, EZ-EFI, Offy Intake, Warm Cam

T18, D18, Warn OD

D44, D27 Axles - 5.38s, 11" Drum (going disc in front later), Lockrite in back, 31X10.5 15s

Sagainaw Manual Steering

Start with some Body to Frame mounts - This has a body lift on it to help clear the engine and keep things tucked inside the frame rather than hanging down.

Flatty on 5 Frame 008.JPGFlatty on 5 Frame 002.JPGFlatty on 5 Frame 004.JPGFlatty on 5 Frame 006.JPGFlatty on 5 Frame 003.JPGFlatty on 5 Frame 005.JPGFlatty on 5 Frame 001.JPGFlatty on 5 Frame 007.JPG