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Powerjection III

Well - I have decided to put FI on the jeep. After a lot of research I have decided to use the Powerjection III and purchased it from Summit. I did contact them prior to the purchase and was assured it would work for the 225 V6.

  • Purchased all the -6 parts from Summit for the install.
  • Initial pics - thins on hold while I work on a buddies '67 and do a full rebuild to be completed end of May 2010.

Parts pics HERE

Current Engine Bay - Holley TA 470 Carb setup
Parts with the PJIII KitSummit -6 Parts for Install

Initial Items - posted 5/5/10

  • Pre Filter – Retroteck updated their docs since I did a download of it and purchased my parts off of it. They are now saying to use just the screen in the tank… I don’t have one. After exchanging e-mails with Christian we agree you need something. His worked with an 85 micron unit from Earl’s (I had a 40 micron unit from Summit that I will be sending back). Got the new one ordered today (don’t worry – full parts list at the end of the project, or when I get it together).
  • Pulled the TA470 off – test fit the PJ (Powerjection) unit. The fuel rail has the pressure regulator built on it in the 70026 model I got. It hit on a port that my intake has on it. The fittings are on ‘REAL’ tight, but I got the elbow loosened so it could tilt and clear (needed about 1/8” to get it to fit). Swung the return line around – not sure which way I will make it run in the end.
  • AN -6 fittings/parts etc… I got the line and all fittings from Summit and used their brand as a friend said it was good stuff. I also got a Koul Tools 6,8,10 to help install the fittings on the hose. The Summit fittings would not fit in the tool. I called Summit and it was the first they had heard of it. I used the cutter from them on the line (which I was told by the buddy was the trick) and bingo – with just my hands and a socket (no wrench or ratchet) I got it on with no problem. Should be ready to start plumbing once the final pieces of the puzzle get here.

Install Pics at the bottom

Install process - Focus on what I did different than Retroteck's instructions

  • DO NOT try to change the fittings on the pressure regulator. I contacted Retroteck initially about the regulator hitting a port on the side of my intake (see pics). I told them I was going to rotate things, and if that didn't work I was going to relocate the regulator and would probably need to swap the fittings. This didn't send up any red flags at the time... BUT when I tried to remove the fittings - things went south. To their credit, they are sending me a new regulator without the fittings installed for me to use.
  • Each install will require a bit of your 'own' fitting. My big issue was I needed to replace the entire fuel system as part of the install. I decided to use -6 AN fittings for my fuel system. On a recommendation from a friend, I went with Summit line and fittings (well - mostly their fittings - some special ones I got from other vendors where I could). I also got the line cutter and it worked GREAT. As an FYI - the PJ comes with a -8 fuel rail, and has reducers on each end to go to -6. If you have a lot of custom items to do, might be worth going -8 from the start.
  • I spent a lot of time chasing parts - mostly due to some unique items on my part. I have listed most of the parts I used for the install below (a couple may have slipped through the cracks, but those were on the custom stuff I did).
  • One of the big changes I made was to use a different thread sealant than Retroteck recommended - I used the Permatex that is not also a thread locker, but holds high pressure. This was so that I could take things apart if needed later.
  • You can see that I ended up having the Regulator on the firewall side of the throttle body. This made for a nice clean return and I simply blocked the top output with a fitting from the Hi-Tech Demon Fuel line kit.
  • I had no problems with the initial settings in the computer. From when I hooked up the O2 sensor (my last item to do) to when I got it fired up the first time was less than 20 mins.
  • Since the initial startup and run of the jeep, I have played around with the torque settings, and idle. They make a huge difference in how rich the system runs. Still playing, but could just set it and run it.
  • Right now, my system runs good with the torque levels of 265 (230 is stock, and I am not stock :) ) 

Parts List (the majority of them - I did get some AN fittings locally for my custom install):

Part Number Item Price
AER-FBM3553 Hose assembly lube $12.75
PFS-70026 POWERJECTION 3 KIT $1,649.95
SUM-2200077 -6-3/8 MALE HARDTUBE FITTING $7.95
SUM-220641 -06 AN FEMALE COUPLE $5.95
SUM-220647 -06X1/4 NPT-JIC ALUMINUM $2.75
SUM-220648 6AN TO 3/8 NPT ADAPTER $2.95
SUM-220651 -06X1/4 90 JIC-NPT $7.25
SUM-220652 -06X3/8 90 JIC-NPT $9.25
SUM-220686 -06 45 HOSE END SWIVEL $13.95
SUM-220687 -06 90 HOSE END SWIVEL $13.95
SUM-230620 S.S. HOSE -6 20FT $74.95
SUM-900106 #6 AN WRENCH 11/16 HEX $9.95
EAR-230206ERL -6 FUEL FILTER $37.95
458-400 ROLLOVER/VENT VALVE $14.99
910-11604 HI-TECH DEMON FUEL LINE $59.99
FLAPS Permatex Thread Sealant #56521
AER-FBM3156 -8 90D M-F AN $18.95


Pic 1 - DO NOT remove fittings from prefab regulator

PJInstall_0002.jpgExisting Fuel hookups on my TankPJ try on for sizeContact PointsTried to rotate - won't work as throttle hits regulatorPJInstall_0008.jpgNew Fuel Hookups to tankFollow the fuel lines forward - pre-filterFuel PumpPost FilterAs the lines head up into bayDamage on Pressure Regulator from moving fitting
Final Install - D sideFinal Install - P side

 High Res - Custom Install Fuel Rail for low rise intake